Pick ripe cherries and store them in a cool environment throughout the day. Sort cherries to be close to 100% ripe. Keep the cherries cool until processing and pulp them as soon as is practical (the same day as they were collected is best).



Collection Rules

  • Pick as close to 100% ripe cherries as is practical.
  • Have the drop-zones store cherries in a chilled environment as they aggregate throughout the day, i.e. don’t leave cherries in sacks in the sun. Rinse the cherries and drain them if possible.
  • Sort cherries to be as close to 100% ripe as is practical before pulping.
  • Pulp the cherries as soon as it practical after collection, always the same day. Don’t hesitate.

Note: The optimum ripeness is different for each variety, as is the corresponding proxy of cherry colour. For more see the Additional Notes section.