Farm Focus Internship


Getting involved at the farm is the most hands-on way to learn about the hard work involved in growing coffee. Farm work is seasonal and different challenges may present themselves depending on the time of year, so candidates must be physically capable to work in all weathers on uneven terrain. The person for this position is hardworking and a strong communicator. 




By taking on the Farm Focus Internship you will:

  • Clear land on the farm.
  • Fertilise and cultivate crops.
  • Pick and process cherry.
  • Control fermentation facilities. 
  • Tend to the drying of the coffee. 
  • Partake in heavy lifting (the bagging and carrying of 45kg bags).
  • Assist in general upkeep of the farm.

Skills needed:

  • Good time management.
  • Beginner - Intermediate Spanish.
  • A proactive approach to new and challenging tasks.
  • A good level of fitness.
  • A background of successfully working in teams.
  • A readiness and competence in communicating outside of potential language barriers.

The goal of this farm focus internship is to understand coffee production from the ground up. You will be working alongside the farmers at each stage of the crop’s growth, with the objective of understanding agronomy and how the processing at every step will affect the coffee’s overall quality, and in turn the rest of the value chain.


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