Irrespective of the method of harvesting used, be it by machine or by hand, there will always be a percentage of under or overripe cherries that make their way into the mix. Other elements such as branches, leaves, and other debris will also often appear. The most effective way to separate out the undesirable matter from the suitably ripe cherry is to float the harvest in water. Due to a difference in density, debris and underdeveloped cherries will float on the surface, whereas the ripe and green cherries will sink to the bottom.

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Flotation Guidelines

  • Float harvests in a body of water, to ensure that ripe and green cherries can be separated from the unwanted debris.
  • Floating more than once will help to ensure that the densities have been optimally separated.
  • On removal from the water, use a slotted device to remove the dense ripe and green cherries, to allow for other material and water to be able to be separated out easily.