For Roasters


How is coffee packed and shipped?

Depending on where the coffee has been packed, the volumes they arrive in may differ. Typical jute bags with added GrainPro are available in 60kg or 70kg volumes. If not in GrainPro and smaller volumes, some of our coffees will ship in Eco-tact hermetic packaging. These may be vacuum packed and boxed subject to their origin. GrainPro bags are hard wearing and are able to guarantee freshness, by sealing against the introduction of oxygen or moisture to the coffee inside. 


Can I get some samples?

For samples, please contact us. We are based in several locations around the world, which means the coffees available in your region may vary depending on your location.


What time frame should we expect to receive the coffee in?

This depends on your location, and if you are wishing to consolidate at the warehouse where it is stored. 


Do we need to make a minimum order?

When buying from Raw Material there is no minimum order requirement.


Which types of payment plans and contracts do you have available?

Raw Material offers different tiers of contracts depending on the needs of your roastery. Coffee can be contracted FOB, called off from a contracted volume, or purchased as spot. Get in touch.