Lab Focus Internship


The lab focus intern will be primarily responsible for the management of quality control at a Raw Material lab, which may be located on a farm or at a separate facility. This internship provides the opportunity to better understand coffee quality control, and the various steps it involves. The management of quality control is critical to the mill, which you will be integral to.




By taking on the Lab Focus Internship you will:

  • Manage the lab inventory & maintain its organisation.
  • Mill and grade coffee samples.
  • Roast coffee in preparation for quality control.
  • Organise and run cuppings of said coffees.
  • Visit farmers who are part of the associations.
  • Liaise in person with community members.
  • Provide general support for the community wet mill.

Skills needed: 

  • A high level of organisation and attention to detail.
  • Experience in sample roasting.
  • Q Grader Certification.
  • A handling of Intermediate Spanish.
  • Experience in communicating to groups.
  • An interest in cultural and social dynamics.
  • The ability to be self-organised whilst managing the needs of the lab.

The goal of this internship is to give experience in quality control and lab management. The role has the potential to grow into a lab manager position, and thus it is vital that applicants have prior experience in QC and roasting. This internship gives a broad look at the role of quality control, as well as the interpersonal relationships between farmers and those who take their coffee to the next step of production.