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perfect for coffee xmas! Pledge NZD$ 20 + (ABOUT USD$ 14)



  • We’ll pop a sign around a wee coffee tree neck with any name and message you want on it.
  • After the Kickstarter ends, we will send you an email requesting the name and message you want to have on your tree, so you can specify someone else's name at that time to give this as a gift. 
  • You'll receive a digital photo of this for you to print out & display somewhere prominent.
  • Your tree will be marked on both the giant physical hand-drawn map of our farm, in our new facility, and the online version.
  • Perfect for Xmas! (As long as they are cool with receiving the photo of their tree after Xmas. I suggest you give them the message of what you've bought for them, and ask what message they'd like for their sign on Xmas day so they can be involved - solid plan.)

You are now a founder: your name etched into history through both our physical and online "wall of founders". As such, you will receive the exclusive founders newsletter each quarter, so you can watch the project progress, with behind the scenes videos, photos, and updates.

You should visit your tree some day if you are in our neck of the woods (get it? Because it's a tree. OK I'll leaf it). The invite is right here, mi casa es su casa and all that founding family friendliness. Chur!