Raw Material
Specialty Green Coffee

Reward 2



Pledge NZD$ 35(ABOUT USD$ 25)



For home roasting enthusiasts, or commercial roasters wanting a really big sample, here is 1kg of raw green coffee (Castillo & Caturra, prepped EP 0,20, more details in the FAQ) from our upcoming May-June 2017 harvest. Based on experience we are expecting 87 points min, apricots, strawberry, sweet, clean, sound - but hey, it does exist yet so we can only but try or best. 

UPDATE: Steve Hall at Caravan Coffee Roasters has offered to roast your green for you if you live in London. Chur Steve.

*Small quantities of raw coffee cannot be shipped worldwide easily, due to each country having different customs situations. Please click through to see where this is possible).

Plus, as you've guessed, you also get everything from Reward #1 “A tree in your name + founder”.