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Specialty Green Coffee

Reward 6



then NZd$ 4,550 (ABOUT $3,220)



Six day, seven night trip around Quindío for two. See this PDF for trip itinerary. 

This is a great reward for two people who want to experience the magic of Colombia together. The price of this trip includes all meals, transport, and accommodation (all rooms are shared). Alcohol and wine are not included in the price. 

On the seventh day of the trip there is the option to have spa treatments, personalized bike tours, or private bird watching tours. These are also not included in the price. All pre or post travel arrangements and flights are not included. All arrangements need to be coordinated with the El Fénix team. 

We are happy to help with any questions regarding these arrangements. Proof of personal travel insurance must be provided to El Fénix team before arrival. We've hosted many friends on tours through Colombia (though almost always coffee and cupping focussed) so you are in good hands. References from previous travelers are available, many of them are the people buying this next big reward...

UPDATE: Matt's Mum and Dad just bought one of these packages, so if you'd like to meet the legends just buy this as a gift for Xmas and travel together. (They'll stay to help build following the trip, flex their NZ farming practical skills).