Ameta takes 1st place at Timor-Leste's Coffee Quality Competition, 2018

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This month saw the Festival Kafe Timor take place in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste, where the annual Coffee Quality Competition is held.

Pictured is Ameta, who heads up Raw Material’s work in Timor-Leste, and who has championed the development of specialty coffee production in the country. As the project expanded, Ameta managed the construction of a community wet mill in Atsabe, in rapid time and under budget. Not one to rest on his achievements so far, he used the remaining budget to purchase and process cherry, producing specialty grade coffee, just in time to join the competition.

When the results were announced, Ameta took to the stage to take the 1st place in his first year of entry, with the highest scoring arabica coffee that the country has ever been awarded. The coffee, Rae Buci Lara, a naturally processed lot, took 86.13 points to win the competition, with Atsabe also taking 3rd and 5th positions, with two washed processed coffees. Congratulations to everyone involved in the competition, and for all of the team who were involved in the win for Atsabe!

All photo credits to Jeff Hann

All photo credits to Jeff Hann

Raw Material Team