Introducing Red Villamaría

Red Associations Villamaría.jpg

Red Villamaría currently represents 30 coffee producing families in the surrounding area of Jamaica, Caldas. This Red Associations project is focussed primarily on the construction of a new drying hub for the producers in the region, at an altitude lower than the farm's of the producer members.

A representative honey lot was processed at Red Villamaría in the lead up to the London Coffee Festival, where we were able to showcase this new member of the Red Associations network. These cherries were processed at Finca La Gaviota, before a hub was fully established for the use of the wider association. The cherries were collected from the Red Villamaría producers in the area of Villarazo, and then transported to Chinchina, 500 metres lower than the farms at 1350 MASL. 

Check back soon for an update on the development of Red Villamaría's own drying hub.


Raw Material Team