Raw Material Coffee CIC launches officially in Europe and the UK!

Jessie May, Alan, and Mat, your UK and EU Raw Material Team

Jessie May, Alan, and Mat, your UK and EU Raw Material Team

Raw Material CIC is now firmly rooted in the UK and Europe. We’ve had tremendous help getting to where we are from our friends at Caravan Coffee Roasters, who have supported our work from the very beginning. Now, with huge gratitude, we are stepping out on our own, to open Raw Material’s very own office in Europe.

We are registered as a CIC in the UK, which means that we are a business driven by social objectives. In our case, 100% of profits are put to work to create economic freedom for those coffee producers who are most marginalised. We are a small team with big goals, aiming to be able to provide coffee roasters who have producer livelihoods in mind, with coffees that have an immediate and direct impact.

To expand that reach, we will soon have warehousing in Hamburg Germany, alongside our UK warehousing with Vollers. This will not only provide local stores of coffee to roasters on mainland Europe, but also better delivery costs, and a spot list in EU. There are so many of you out there that we want to work with, and hope that these additions will be of use to you!

As you may recall, we currently work in Colombia, Rwanda, Burundi, and Timor-Leste. We use a framework for comparing options of where to work in terms of their potential for social impact: scale, lack of infrastructure, and solvability. This ensures that our endeavours as effectively altruistic as we can be, choosing to work with those most in need of assistance. Once this work begins, coffee producers who work with Raw Material are able to benefit from reliable, stable prices for their coffee. These prices are completely independent from the fluctuating international commodity price, and result in an improvement of 2.5x the household income compared with the average fluctuating market.

Always head to the For Roasters page to check out our current spot list, which will have an EUR option soon enough. We can’t wait!

The Raw Material EU Team!

PS, we love to hear from you! Our email addresses are:
Alan Tomlins, Sales + Operations - alan@rawmaterial.coffee
Jessie May Peters, Sales + Marketing - jessiemay@rawmaterial.coffee
Mat North, Sales + Logistics - mat.north@rawmaterial.coffee

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