El Fénix Community Wet Mill : Some extra peeks at the wet mill's frame

Hey everyone!

Our Richard just returned from a visit to El Fénix, and caught these great snaps of the wet mill under some majestic sunshine.

The wet mill structure continues to take form, and the area in front of what you’ve seen so far has now been cleared. This space will now house the drying area for the coffees right from the moment they are washed and fermented. The same materials are being used to build the space, and you can see from the following image how the structure is making full use of the downhill slope.


For a more detailed look into the progression of the wet mill’s development, head over to El Fénix’s very own website, where you can read more on the project’s raison d’être, stay up to date with the plants as they grow, and even see some of the faces who supported the project from the very start.

Have fun!

The Raw Material Team

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