Our work in Rwanda takes place through working closing with our partner producers, Muraho Trading Company. This partnership helps affiliate cooperatives increase their quality of production, fetch a higher price for their coffee and to introduce them to new markets. 

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Through our working with Muraho Trading Co., we are developing a fixed price payment model specific to the value chain in Rwanda. This will be a continuous work in progress in the coming years as we gain a greater understanding of the particular challenges Rwandan coffee producers face and develop a model that works using incentives that generate producer buy-in, all the while providing maximising impact.

In 2017, we paid our producers 30% more per kilo of cherry than the rate paid by other washing stations in the area. Our payment is 40% higher than the rate set by the Rwandan National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB). Aside from developing the fixed price model, we are working with our partners on processing honey and natural processed Rwandan coffee and have the first official permission from NAEB to export the coffee as such.