Proper storage serves to protect the quality achieved through the effort so far. Coffee is porous and therefore easily contaminated with strong odours such as those from gasoline, agrochemicals, fertilisers, or smoke. Therefore, it is favourable to store coffee in hermetically sealed bags (e.g. Grainpro or Ecotact), and to store coffee by itself (i.e. without any potential contaminants in the room). Fluctuations of temperature or humidity in the storage environment can lead to damage, as can direct sunlight.




Storage Rules

  • Choose a cool & dry room for storing parchment.

  • The storage environment should be of stable temperature and humidity.

  • Avoid direct sunlight reaching the stored coffee.

  • Store coffee in hermetically sealed bags if possible.

  • Stack bags of parchment only with other bags of coffee.

  • Keep coffee stacks off the floor (use pallets or similar).

  • Don’t keep any fertilisers, agrochemicals, gasoline, or other odourous materials in the same room as coffee.