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Hear what the long list of coffee geeks, professionals, and leaders are saying about the El Fénix Community Mill project.



St Ali, Sensory Lab, 
Barista Hustle


3RD AT 2011 World Barista Championship / 1ST AT 2012 World Brewers Cup / 2ND AT 2013 World Barista ChampionshiP / 1ST AT 2014 World Coffee & Good Spirits

“Raw Material are good humans, doing wonderful things through the entire length of the coffee supply chain. I have absolutely no hesitations about throwing a whole heap of money at some really great coffee at El Fénix. This is a great opportunity to do something special, and if I were you, I would not hesitate.” 



Samurai Coffee Experience,
World Barista Champion 2014


"El Fénix WILL help farmers process their coffee and connect them to international buyers. This may sound normal but it's not. To process and dry coffee requires tons of work and effort — and it's expensive. By allowing farmers to focus on coffee farming and connecting them to the specialty coffee market, El Fénix  will allow for farmers to receive a higher price for their coffee."

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World Coffee Events
full time baller


"Why you should support this Kickstarter:

  • Because who doesn’t want a wacky varietal grown in their name?
  • Because the Raw Material crew works really hard, and smartly, to make the world a better place
  • Because Matt is a nerd, in the best possible way: about coffee, efficiency, processes that make sense, free thought, and free people – all great things to nerd out about
  • Because a lot of really shitty things happened in 2016, and this is one non-shitty thing you could do in 2016"


Technical Director, Coffee Quality Institute


“I have known the Raw Material crew since 2012, Since the beginning, I was impressed by their level of passion and intelligence. Both attributes combined imply they are a very geeky coffee team, but that's exactly what our industry needs! I'm proud of roasters and importers that dare to invest and commit long-term with a producer community. I wish we had more El Fénix projects in this world. Knowing these guys and the quality from this region, this
project is going to succeed, BIG TIME!”

Trish Rothgeb & Nick Cho

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters


“A meaningful change in the livelihoods of coffee producers is only possible through real investment in those communities. This makes the El Fénix project so important, both as a local resource for farmers in Colombia, and as a model for everyone WITHIN the coffee world. We're so excited to support this project and we hope you will too!”


International Re:co Symposium Director


“Raw Material embody both the spirit and strength of collaboration in the specialty coffee community; something we can all learn from and pay close attention to as we face some challenging times in the coffee lands. They are a collective of inspirational individuals, who through pure collaboration recognize that risks are worth taking if they are to affect change and create positive impact. This Kickstarter project is proof that as a global specialty coffee community we can do great things together – stand up and be counted.”



UK Barista Champion
2010, 2011, 2013

(UK/New Zealand)

“The incredible amount of hard work, dedication, and passion going into thIS initiative and WHAT WILL BE next level responsibility in the coffee supply chain, is more than enough for me to whole heartedly support this project in every way possible. Any coffee enthusiast should make it rain with support for this project.”

Andrew Hetzel

Coffee Value Chain Specialist, Coffee Strategies


“I've worked extensively with Matt and his crew at Raw Material Coffee over the past year in Myanmar (Burma) helping to improve the quality and value of coffee production benefiting farmers in that country. He's an extraordinarily bright social entrepreneur that is working hard to make the world a better place and I pledge my full support to his ventures.”

Freda Yuan

UK Cup Tasters Champion 2016  


“There are so many problems AT origin such as climate change, leaf rust, bora, lack of labour, fluctuatING currency...etc. You might wonder how we can help in a more effective way. Each person at Raw Material is down to earth, they care about each individual, and listen mindfully. Most importantly, they act accordingly. That says a lot. It is your time to make a difference.”


Vaiva Mas 

Lithuanian Barista Champion 2014 & 2015


“People behind Raw Material are not only about high quality coffee, they’re also about high quality relationships. With the people who produce coffee, those who buy, and with people who consume it; I think this is the only way forward for us as a specialty coffee community.” 

Kim Won Joon (Nash) 

Gom Coffee Roasters & 
Gom coffee campus


“I'm so excited to be part of this awesome
project and proud of it! I believe this project will make a great contribution to the producers' productivity, profit, and development of their environment! A big appreciation to Raw Material for giving us this great opportunity, this is gonna be so much fun!”





“Having worked with Matt Graylee before, IS ALL we really needed to get on board with this project. Looking forward to being a part of something that will smash boundaries!”


Torsten Hahn



"I knew these guys before I started my own roastery, here in Germany. I was traveling in New Zealand and managed to talk them into selling me some of their very first shipment of Colombian green beans. We´ve happily worked with them ever since, building our company on the foundation of these outstanding speciality coffees. Now they’ve pulled out this amazing community wet mill project called "El Fénix” — I shouldn´t be surprised, I´m totally stoked!"




"I'm super excited to be supporting a project run by such a community minded company. The work Raw Material does for primary producers is exemplary. The building of this community wet mill is the latest, and perhaps most public commitment to their values. Time and time again, I have seen Raw walking the walk and demonstrating their integrity to only doing things the right way. They listen to what farmers are asking for, and then apply their knowledge, experience and connections to make good things happen. I have the greatest faith in any work that these fine people do."

Felipe Andres Ospina



"We have been very lucky to know and work together with Raw Material. We are very excited about this new project. This company has been doing great for the Colombian farmers so far, we ourselves have hundreds of farmers that have been helped by Raw Material. Wet mills will be the best way for community development here in Colombia." 


Craig Holt

Atlas Coffee Importers


"Matt and his partners have been doing great work in sustainable supply chains for several years now. They understand how to get things done efficiently, and they are true coffee geeks.
(Which is the highest praise I can give someone.)

Jade Jennings

Runner up Australian Barista Champion 2016 / two time Southern Barista Champion


"I love the enthusiasm of the guys from Raw Material - always willing to get in there and get their hands dirty for the greater good of the farmer. Specialty coffee is more than great tasting coffee, it's a way to empower people."

Al Tomlins



"We've been working with Raw Material for three years in Colombia now and have been able to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with small producers in Quindio and Narino through their good work. I’m a big fan of the Raw Material sourcing and pricing model in Colombia and believe it makes a genuine difference, generating better coffee for roasters, better prices for producers and a sustainable incentive for them to produce more high quality coffees."


Matt Troughton

Grace and Taylor


"I’ve known the founders of Raw Material for many years, and have seen first hand how their work helps farmers in the local community to improve coffee quality. Having just returned from my first origin trip (and staying at El Fénix ) we're excited to support this new wet mill through the “1000 trees” reward."

Bryan O’Leary

Non-coffee-drinking Laboratory Improvement Specialist

(New Zealand)

"I've known these guys since forever (since age 1 in the case of Matt) and last year got to travel to El Fénix in Colombia with them. I got to meet growers in the region, visit farms, and know first hand that this is an amazing project with huge potential for the regions specialty growers. Even though I don't even drink coffee and don't get to enjoy the fruits of their labours, the passion of these guys shines in everything they do, and the knowledge and quality of their work is second to none. Trust me, I’m a scientist."

Dr Graeme Lindsay

Daily Espresso


"During my visit to El Fénix I learnt of the opportunities Miguel, Matt and others are developing for the farm to be a hub of coffee innovation. The aim is to bring growers together to share knowledge and resources to develop their coffee quality and to have greater management of their exports.

I’ll be contributing to this Kickstarter fund as I know the philosophy is to improve coffee quality through sustainable, organic plant husbandry. These changes will flow outwards, improving farmer’s skills and financial rewards, which are also shared to my customers."


Helen Gray



"I've known Matt since before he was born - I'm his Mum. The Raw Material family is a wonderful extended one, doing great things not just with coffee, but for people, and this community coffee wet mill will be a great asset to many farmers. I know it will be both welcomed, and well supported. Can’t wait to visit! Chur son *fistbump*."

Jessie May Peters  



"The El Fénix project is an important next step in the preservation and progress of quality in specialty coffee. Your donations will allow this passionate, engaging and quite simply lovely bunch of people to initiate beneficial change. Please generate whatever pledge you can, we all can only benefit from this forward thinking (and ultimately delicious!) example. El Fénix has the opportunity to serve as not only the catalyst for change in Colombia, but as an example to other countries worldwide. Please do get involved."

Nic Rapp

NZ Brewers Cup Champion 2014 & 2015


"As we grow as an industry, we get to roast and brew more and more amazing coffees. Contributing to this project is one thing we can do to help producers continue to do what they do best: producing tasty coffee! Improving infrastructure, facilities, and expertise is an essential step if we want to continue to grow on both sides of the supply chain.  The Raw Material team are definitely the guys and gals to be spearheading this incredible initiative!"


Krzysztof Barabosz




I admire the passion, good vibe and tasty coffees that Steven and Matt have been sharing with us, other coffee nerds. Their approach and focus on building a community of like-minded coffee people has convinced me.

BTW check the @rawmaterial.coffee Instagram, one of my favourites, great knowledge base and damn good photos!

Rob Dunne

Old Spike


"Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

Relations have to be built on trust.

I trust in the people, the agenda, the role and the product. I trust in Raw Material’s pool of resources and the experience and time that has been spent getting to this point. I’d rather be a part of this movement than waiting for it to happen." 

Lisa Conway

Operations Director, Coffee Quality Institute